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What not to foget for your trip to Disney World

1. Snacks

Food is really expensive at Disney do anytime you can save money is good. I usually bring packets of Doritos, fruit snacks, etc for my kids and in an effort to be more healthy I’m going to bring Triscuits, string cheese, and these new cheese/nut snack packs.


2. Juice boxes and waters

Any time you are at Disney you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  I always bring reusable water bottles but my kids love a juice box with meals and I love a bottled water. I’ll pack a few of these in our park bag each day.


3. Laundry pods

I’ve never been to Disney without washing at least one load of laundry. Each load costs $2.00 and you can buy soap there but I find it easier and cheaper to bring my own.


4. Pump soap

I usually choose dish soap so we can use it to wash out our reusable water bottles and anything else we bring with us and it also works to wash hands. We have all pump soap at our house and so bar soap doesn’t cut it with my family.


5. Sandwich fixins’

For some reason it’s not summer without a smooshed peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I’m bringing bread, PB, jelly, sandwich bags, and plastic knives so I can make us lunch every morning.


6. Gum (not shown)

You can’t buy gum at Disney World so if you like it then bring it with you.


7. Wipes (not shown)

Germs are everywhere so I never visit the parks without at least one pack of wipes. Whether someone sneezed, spilled ice cream on their shirt or just need a wipe to cool down on a hot and sweaty day I will always carry them with me.


8. Moleskin

I’ve never been without getting a blister. Last trip was the worst because I got a pedicure the day before so my feet were very sensitive. I didn’t walk well for 3 weeks because of my blistered feet.

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