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Have you heard about Virtuoso and wondered what it’s all about?  The fearless leader, Matthew Upchurch, can be seen all over cable news these days singing its praises.  Here’s a bit more information on what it is and why it’s a great idea to use a Virtuoso advisor.

What is Virtuoso? 

Virtuoso is a network of the best travel advisors, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and destination management companies in the world.

What are the benefits?

How would you like to get VIP treatment, free breakfast every morning, plus a resort credit?  Only Virtuoso properties and Virtuoso advisors can give you these benefits and more just by booking through one of them.

What is McAlpin Travel’s relationship with Virtuoso?

Because McAlpin Travel is an affiliate with Brownell who is a Virtuoso agency, I am able to offer these benefits to my clients because they booked with me.

Can I get these benefits by booking direct with the property or via Expedia?

No, you can only get these benefits through a Virtuoso advisor/agency.

How can I find out which properties are part of the Virtuoso network?

Go to www.Virtuoso.com and find the available properties listed by geographical area.

Is it hard to become a Virtuoso property or agency?

YES!!!  Each year the properties and agencies are vetted to be sure they are up to the highest standards.  Most properties are 5-star hotels and resorts.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Virtuoso and using a Virtuoso travel advisor?

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