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Travel away the Winter blues

Summer is over, the kids are back to school and the blues set in. It’s January, the weather is cold and snowy, the blues set. What do you do? Go on a vacation! Either one of these times of year is the perfect time to travel someplace that makes you smile and recharge your batteries. We have done this before and are doing it again in January.

About two years ago I started planning our first vacation to the Walt Disney World® Resort with our kids and after careful consideration and looking over the calendar I chose the 2nd week of September. The boys would be 4 ½ and just a little over 2 and I figured that they would both be old enough to enjoy the vacation without missing too much of preschool. All the kids are back in school so the crowds are light and the prices are much lower than if we had gone during the summer. Typically that time of year at Walt Disney World® Resort is free dining. And it’s still hot, but not unbearably hot. Best of all, we had all summer to talk about our trip and plan and just when everyone else was in school we were having our big vacation of the summer. I really felt sorry for all my friends traveling earlier in the summer because I kept thinking that nothing they do all summer will top what they have already done. By the time we got back the weather had cooled off, Halloween was just around the corner, and then in no time was Thanksgiving and Christmas. It really made a long fall much shorter.

This past summer I started thinking about what to give my boys for Christmas and when I realized they didn’t need anything I decided to give them a second trip to Walt Disney World® Resort as their present. We’re going right after New Year’s and the way the school calendar works out we will be back before school starts in January. Again, crowds will be thinning out after the Christmas holidays, prices start falling and lucky for us there is a discounted dining plan. Perfect! Winter is always so depressing after Christmas and football season are over that this vacation should sustain us until the ground thaws.

Your vacation doesn’t have to be a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation. It could be a ski trip, the closest beach, Europe, wherever. As long as it’s a trip you look forward to taking.

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