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Vail, Colorado

  I have only been snow skiing a couple of times; once in Wisconsin as a child and once in high school in North Carolina. I really don’t count those times and want to be known as a skier, but the few times I’ve tried to plan a family ski trip I really get bogged down by the process. So when I decided to become a travel advisor I ran away from any ski trip planning, fast! Then a few weeks ago one of our preferred partners reached out to the company I work with and offered an […] Continue reading →

McAlpin Travel is on the move again soon starting with a long weekend at the Four Seasons Vail.  I’ve been to Denver a few times in the past because we have a good family friend who used to play for the Broncos, but I’ve never been in the motains.  I’m very excited about this trip because it’s a belated anniversary trip for me and my husband and our first real vacation in 4 years. The following week I will head to Atlanta for the Brownell company meeting.  The first night will […] Continue reading →

Colorado, Utah, Montana and the Canadian Rockies are incredible ski destinations but don’t forget to check out their summer activities. […] Continue reading →