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Summer essentials for Disney World

So, the kids are out of school, you’re heading to Disney World, and now you need to know what to bring.  Here is a guide to my favorite essentials to help survive a summer (or anytime it’s HOT) trip to Disney World.  All these items can be found at any sports store (I found all of them at Academy Sports) and will be cheaper than buying them when you get to Disney.


The sun is bright and powerful and you don’t want to ruin your trip with a sunburn.  I love the sunscreen sticks for my kids because they are fast, won’t leak, don’t take up much space, and they really work.  I use it on my kids’ face, ears, and neck.  Be careful with the spray sunscreens as most of the time the pavement and passersby get more than you will and it’s really best to use it to reapply.

Mister Fans

Not only is it hot, but it’s humid and these fans will help keep you and the kids cool.  Bonus – they keep your kids occupied!  Be sure to bring extra batteries because if it’s really hot or if your kids really like playing with them then you’ll definitely need to replace the batteries.

Water bottle

You can tote water bottles in to the parks or bring your own empty ones and fill them up yourself.  Any counter service restaurant in the parks or at the resorts will let you get water and ice for FREE.  Just ask!  There’s also water fountains located everywhere too.


It will rain!  That’s the one guarantee I have for you and when it does you will want to be covered.  These ponchos usually cost $.99 so grab several because they’re only good for one use.  Luckily the average Florida storm comes and goes quickly so if you can wait out the rain then you will have a semi-empty (ok, less crowded) park.  Make sure you have plenty for the stroller(s) and any ECVs.


Another guarantee is that you will get blisters.  I’ve never used moleskin but I’ve already bought a pack to bring on my next trip because I do get blisters every trip.  You can buy them pre-cut or in a sheet.  If you buy the sheet you can easily find scissors from any cast member.  Also, don’t wear brand new shoes to the parks.  You can easily walk 4+ miles a day and one of the last things you want are blisters.  I usually bring an extra pair of shoes in my backpack just in case the ones I chose that morning start to hurt my feet.

Body Glide

You’re probably thinking, “What is body glide?” and if you’re not a runner then you probably don’t know what it is.  If you’re prone to chaffing then this little stick is a miracle!  Both men and women can benefit from this greatly as it “greases the creases” between your thighs (skirts ladies?), armpits, and other areas that might rub you the wrong way.  When you sweat, wear cotton, or have friction, chaffing can appear without warning and make you miserable.  Spend a few $$$ and get a stick of this miracle!  I promise, you’ll thank me later.

One last thing, you can bet that the Animal Kingdom will be 5-10 degrees warmer than the other parks so plan accordingly.

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